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What is ECTA Land Speed Racing?

In the simplest of forms… Peddle to the floor, RPMs winding speedometer reaching numbers you can’t hit anywhere else.

At ECTA in Arkansas you have the ability to drive your car from a standing start as fast as your car will take you for an entire mile Once the course is clear, we will give you the okay and when you’re ready, you GO.

Fly through our speed clocks chasing the record for your class.

Speaking of classes, we’ve got a ton! Want to go 250mph in your Viper? Great. Want to set a 120mph record in your vintage car? That’s great too. Want to set the record for fastest steam powered motorcycle?

Yeah, we have a class for that too and the record is 80.4 mph in case you were curious.

One last note to know about us and LSR. Safety is our number one priority for the drivers, our spectators and staff…