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We Love Log: Here’s The Full Run Log For The 2015 May Ohio Mile/ECTA Meet – Every Run

(Photos by David Whealon/DW-Photos) – For those of your statisticians out there that want the true nitty gritty from the May 2015 Meet, here it is in the form of the entire run log from the race. All 550+ runs are here and since we had to manually fix a lot of the stuff on this before putting it live, we'd ask you to take a peek at your runs and let us know if there is something we need to fix. If you do look at the log and find an issue with a class change, a driver, or something else please email me with the issue and what needs to be fixed. Ideally we would not have to do this but because of a computer communication issue during the race we did. "We do it right because we do it twice" is not the motto we're looking for at the ECTA. Getting it correct the first time is what we are striving for and will continue to do in the future. 

For those of you at the meet, you heard in our pre-race driver's meeting that we were really striving to tighten up the progrm, keeping cars and bikes rolling down the track constantly. There are some methods behind some changes we made behind the scenes and we started to see those changes work in our favor. Over the course of the weekend we had about 55 minutes of downtime from oil, track sweeps for lost parts, stranded vehicles, etc and we had about 36 minutes of downtime for clock adjustments, computer resets, etc. We can be better on our end and reduce that number further. We know stuff breaks and we know that you are all pushing your equipment to its limit. That is part of racing and that's why we have the ability to "switch" our courses when needed. We exercised that option on Saturday when there was a pretty large oil down. 

We had great racing conditions on Saturday and they continued into Sunday morning before the wind came up. I personally believe that it was a great meet and we had lots of smiling racers who hit the dusty trail for home on Sunday by midday. We'll continue to refine and work on our procedures to keep the line moving and keep you heading down the track. 



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