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Getting a Race Number

The Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) issues a unified series of numbers for land speed racing vehicles competing under the sanctioning of SCTA, ECTA, LTA, BNI, and USFRA. If you have a number issued by one of these other organizations, it should be used on your vehicle competing in the ECTA.

Each season, the ECTA keeps in its inventory its projected supply of numbers for its season’s needs, so you can get a number assigned in advance of any ECTA meet at the time you pre-register your vehicle, or it can be assigned at the Registration Trailer the day of the meet if necessary.

You can get a number assigned to your vehicle in advance of the meet by contacting Tonya Turk at the address listed on the Contact Us page. It may take up to a week, or longer if you have a special number request, to get a number assigned, so don’t wait until the last minute. Vehicle numbers are assigned on an as available basis, so if you have a special number in mind, Tonya can tell you whether or not it is available.
Numbers are automatically renewed from year-to-year unless a number is not used for three consecutive years, in which case it may be reissued.

Vehicle Numbers