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The Half Mile Meet Is Coming In July – Been Interested In LSR But Not Sure? This Is The Perfect Way To Give It A Try! Perfect For Street Machines, Hot Rods, Bikes

As we have been talking about since the final meet of the 2014 season, our July meet will be contested over a distance of a half mile. Historically this has not been the busiest event of the season and we thought it would be a good opportunity to present an environment that would be less initimidating and more open to hot rodders, street machine owners, late model muscle car enthusiasts, and maybe even a few exotic car guys and girls to give land speed racing a try. Obviously with half the distance, the speeds will largely be lower but it is also a less taxing thing on equipment, and a great chance for people who have been intregued by the sport to give it a try. There will be no records set in July, we're there to have the course open and to have fun while providing a place for our regular competitors to test and new competitors to catch the land speed bug. 

If you have been a test and tune night drag racer and want to see how fast your car will go with AND ADDITIONAL QUARTER MILE to keep your foot planted for, this is the event for you. Our safety rules remain the same as they do for the mile but again, your mildly modified muscle car or even your warmed up muscle car will likely not shove you into an area where you need large amounts of safety gear on the half mile. Up to 135mph all you need is a helmet and an OEM seatbelt. After that the regulations and requirements ramp up but let us be the first to invite you to come out and have some fun. Again, if you get your kicks on the quarter mile drag strip, we've got DOUBLE that length for you with plenty of room to shut down. We're going to be keeping you updated on the status of this meet and some of the fun things we have in the works, but until then, hit the contact button above with any specific questions you have or information you need. 



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