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Take A Ride Down The Ohio Mile In A 202 MPH AMC Gremlin!


One of the things that we love about land speed racing is the diversity of the equipment that we see at every meet. Between vintage cars and motorcycles, modern cars with vintage engines, incredible looking streamliners and lakesters, or just plain freaks that are fast it is a sport unlike any other. The proof of that statement is in the pudding, so let's have some in the form of the video below which plunks us right in the cockpit of an AMC Gremlin packed full of turbocharged Chevy engine. On this run, the car that normally sees drag strip duty runs 202mph through the lights on a cold day at the 2012 Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge, which takes place at the first meet of our season each year. 

As the air is both friend and enemy to land speed racers, let's pay attention to the effect that air has on the fiberglass cowl hood that this car wears. To say that some "things are happening" at the top end of this run at 200mph would be an understatement. Watch that thing flex, flop, and move!