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Record Setters: Here’s The Records Report From The 2015 May Ohio Meet – Congrats To Everyone On It!

(Photos by David Whealon/DW-Photos) – No matter the speed, no matter the means of conveyance, there's something awesome about setting a record. The May 2015 ECTA Meet was unique for many reasons but one fun fact is that we set the slowest record in the history of the Ohio Mile and we also set the fastest motorcycle pass in the history of the Ohio Mile all on the same day! Daryl White rocketed to a 46mph terminal speed on his nitrous injected 50cc sidecar motorcycle and Ryan Osterguard literally blasted his way to a 243.7mph time slip resetting our track record for motorcycle, which will be at risk all season as there are new and very fast machines coming on line as we speak. 

Lots of land speed racers come to compete for the personal satisfaction of making their car or motorcycle go a bit faster with some more horsepower, an aero trick, or some other crafty solution. The ultimate goal of most everyone that comes to the Ohio Mile or any other venue where records can be set is to do just that. To etch your name into the shifting sands of time known as land speed racing's record books. Some numbers stand for years, some for mere minutes but no metter the duration it is always cool to know that on any given weekend you were the fastest that anyone has ever been in your particular class. Providing you a safe place and a fun place to do it is what keeps us coming back!

Congrats to everyone on this report, it is a major accomplishment in every possible respect!



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