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Ohio Mile Video: Watch Jerry Hoffmann Run 200+ In His 2JZ Powered Nissan 240

One of the things we want to do a better job of here at the ECTA's website is highlighting the big runs and accomplishments of our racers throughout the season. The final meet of the 2014 year was great with almost 600 runs being completed over the course of Saturday and Sunday, tons of records set, and personal bests that were nearly too numerous to count. We'd like to thank everyone that was at the meet and we're looking forward to a productive, successful, and most imporantly safe and fast 2015. If you have video of your car or motorcycle streaking down the Ohio Mile, please shoot us the links – Our goal is to make the Ohio Mile website a busy and vibrant place where you'll stop by not just for the records and schedule but also to see some cool stuff!

Press play below to see Jerry Hoffmann make a 200+ Mph blast down the Ohio Mile course in his 2Jz Powered Nissan 240 –