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Membership Time! Here’s The 2016 ECTA Membership Form — Happy New Year!

As we work our way through the holidays and into 2016 we here at the ECTA wanted to wish all of our members and racers the best and we also wanted to give you access to the 2016 Membership form. The link below will open the form for you which you can print out and following the directions on the form, complete your membership. It is as easy as pie!

2016 promises to be an exciting year for ECTA racing as we have two meets that will offer three days of racing to get you the most seat time possible. New cars and motorcycles seem to be coming out of the woodwork around the country and we look forward to again seeing the innovations, inventions, and downright creative madness that our ECTA racers display in spades each and every year. 

Click here to grab the form so you can print 'er up!

2016 Membership Form


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