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C.J. Strupp aka "WONDER WOMAN"

Steve’s race team includes his wife CJ as the co-pilot, and they are the defending classic category multi-time champions at Targa Newfoundland. They have also seen success in the Chihuahua Express and La Carrera Panamericana in their 1965 Ford Mustang. When not racing or building race cars for others the Strupp’s stay busy running the same farm Steve grew up on in Southern Indiana.

Steve Strupp aka "SUPERMAN"

Steve is a multi-faceted lifelong racer, from dirt track racing, to the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, to land speed and road rally racing in the US and internationally. He is a member of numerous land speed racing 200 MPH clubs, including the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club, around the world and has helped others achieve the same goal and more.

Brief History of ECTA

The ECTA began with a dream to bring land speed racing to the eastern United States and be able to race more than just a time or two a year at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

A runway was secured in Maxton, North Carolina and concrete mile racing was born in the mid 1990’s. After the loss of the use of the Maxton facility, and then its successor in Wilmington, Ohio the ECTA no longer had a place to race.

In 2018 the ECTA found a new home with a pristine runway in Blytheville, Arkansas and new ownership with Steve and CJ Strupp. The Strupp’s brought with them a wealth of racing experience and a new vision that would strengthen and grow the ECTA.

Part of that vision to grow the ECTA has been by improving its media outreach and expanding the organization to bring the positive, fun, family friendly experience of racing with the ECTA to a broader group of racing and automotive enthusiasts. They work diligently to continually improve the organization, and the quality of every racing event. They bring with them integrity, excitement, and a goal of helping every city that hosts the ECTA reap the benefits of bringing racing to their community.