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June 2015 Records Report: See Who Went Fast Enough To Etch Their Name Into The ECTA Record Book

(Photos by Bryan McTaggart/ – It was a split personality type of weekend at the Ohio Mile for the June 2015 meet. Saturday greeted us with gray skies and temps that made wearing a sweatshirt a virtual necessity. Despite the dreary nature of the skies, there was one major benefit, a rare tail wind! Yes, racers were actually getting a little help from Ma Nature to the tune of 6-10mph for virtually the entirety of the day. Although the direction had started to shift by the end of the day, it was still providing some help. Such would not be the case on Sunday when temps rose into the 80s and the wind came right back up the course into the faces of riders and drivers alike. 

We set about 90 records over the course of just over 500 runs between Saturday and Sunday. While the run total is less than our first meet, we completed over 300 runs on Saturday and pariticpants had largely gotten done what they wanted to by the time mid-day Sunday came around. That and the less favorable air and headwinds meant that conditions were not as appealing for anyone to try for a personal best or record. 

Here's the record report for the meet! Congrats to everyone on it and to our newest members of the Ohio Mile/ECTA 200mph club!

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