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Here’s Our 2017 Annual Letter and Membership Form – We’re Still Track Hunting

(The link to the 2017 ECTA Membership form is at the bottom of the page) 

For those of you that have not heard yet, we have lost our facility at the Wilmington Air Park in Wilmington OH.  We have been diligently looking for a new place to hold the ECTA events. 

At this point in 2017, we are not planning any meets in the spring or summer.  We have a strong possibility for the 2018 season.  In late spring, we will be visiting the site and meeting the management to discuss our options, let them learn a bit about us and see if it will be a good, long term option for us.

If our first choice does not work out, we have a possible back up.  The back-up would take a lot of work and volunteers to make it happen.  It isn't an ideal set-up, but would be a place to race.

Please keep your eyes and ears open.  Ideally, what we are looking for is an inactive airstrip ("X"ed out and not being used) with a minimum of 8500 feet plus runoff.  These types of air strips may actually now be an industrial park.  Military air fields that are still active (even if only at a minimum) are not good options.  You deal with a different General or head officer every few years, and the permission to be there can change with any command change.  There are airports that have deactivated air strips that are a part of their facility.  These could be good options, if they are fenced off separately.

This mailing contains the membership and medical form.

If you wish to send in your 2017 membership, you are welcome to do so.  If you do, and we don't have a race this year, we will carry your membership over to 2018.

For our racers not living in the US, please mail your fees in US Dollars.  Our bank wants to charge us $75 to process a check not in US dollars. Credit cards are accepted without additional fees.

We want to assure you that we are not throwing in the towel!  We are racers to the core and want to continue to run this business for you, our friends and racing family.  We are already having withdrawals just knowing we aren't gearing up for the first meet. 

We look forward to sharing any news we can about new options.  Please follow our Facebook page under East Coast Timing Association or our group page The Ohio Mile.  And as always, you can look for updates on our website:

Keith and Tonya Turk

Brian and Kerri Lohnes 


2017 Membership Form


3 thoughts on “Here’s Our 2017 Annual Letter and Membership Form – We’re Still Track Hunting”

  1. I'd love to start racing up here. I was at this weekend's Texas Mile at its new facility at active Victoria, TX Regional Airport. I believe they locked that up before kicking its old location, Beeville, TX, to the curb. Was great surface. They had to do besides racing with vendors having demos and all kinds of different test drive road courses setup on other sections of strips. By far better than previous TX Mile or that org's Arkansas and Colorado Miles (I do them all). It even made it onto national Fox News.

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