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Greg Neal Destroys Standing Start Speed Record For 650cc Motorcycles At Ohio Mile!


190.2748 mph on a Kawasaki ZX-6R

Greg Neal and TLN Motorsports not only bumped, they obliterated their N/A 650cc class Standing Mile World Record Speed with a run down the Ohio mile at a top speed of 190.2748 mph on Saturday June 6th. The previous pre-event record held by TLN Motorsports on a Kawasaki ZX-6rr was 186.7220 mph and was set in Ohio in September of 2014 during the ECTA Bike Shootout event. After that event TLN Motorsports had decided to partner with a list of sponsors to build a 650cc class motorcycle to do one thing, push the standing mile N/A 650cc Class World’s Fastest Speed into the 190’s. On the 11th pass of the bikes career they got the job done. The speed of 190.2748 mph in the standing mile is even faster than TLN Motorsports N/A Standing 1.5 Mile World Record Speed of 190.118 mph that was set in July 2009 on a Kawasaki ZX-6rr. Rider Greg Neal continued to praise the bike performance after the run. “The ZX-6R is the perfect package for what we are doing. Big horsepower and strong torque allow us to gear for the big speeds. The motorcycle pulls like a 1000cc does.”

TLN Motorsports Land Speed Racing Greg Neal
The team actually moved the World Record speed 3 times on Saturday. 1st it was pushed to 187.9699 mph on the ZX-6R’s 2nd run of the day. The next run again moved the record to 188.2058 mph. The very next run moved the record to where it currently stands at 190.2748 mph. A 650cc class motorcycle over 190 mph on a standing mile is just unbelievable.

Next for TLN Motorsports and the Kawasaki ZX-6R will be the 1.5 mile course in Limestone main later in July. There are a lot of gearing issues to solve for running the 1.5 mile, but the Kawasaki has the potential to go even faster. The sky is the limit and TLN Motorsports is the team to get the job done. They have set 190 Land Speed Racing records, including 8 World’s Fastest Speeds since 2008.
We would like to thank all of those who made this success possible. KWS Motorsports who did the overall build of the ZX-6R. Brock’s Performance who put the exhaust and the Ohlins steering damper on the bike. They also provided us with the Alisyn less than 0 weight oil and a lot of advice. Worldwide Bearings provided the ceramic bearings for the wheels and transmission. CP/Carrillo did a fantastic job manufacturing the pistons and the rods. Marine Crankshaft was the only people we would trust to stroke the crankshaft. Web Camshafts continue to support our projects with custom grinds. Woolich Racing provided us with the Log Box Pro system to log and manage data. Brewer Cycles helped us with the purchase of the ZX-6R. Ballistic Performance continues support by providing us with the batteries and charging system. Vortex Racing provided the rear sets, clip-ons and sprockets for the build. Raptor Performance supplied the shift light and kill box for the auto shift system. Energycoil provides us with the spark we need for the big speeds. Tiger Racing and the Tiger Racing front fender lead the way on the ZX-6R. VP Racing Fuels continue to put the MR12 in our bikes. Delaware Chassis Works takes care of our fabrication needs. Millennium Technologies did the cutting of the head and the cylinder coating. kept the story of the build alive and as always supported us in every way possible. DW Photos, Magic Bullet, MPS and Mark the Mechanic also contributed to the build. Without all of these awesome sponsors and supporters 190.2748 mph would never have happened.


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