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Horsepower Harvest 2023


ECTA Motorsports News outlines the goals of our racers for the next event. The next event will be October 6th, 7th, and 8th 2023. Register here. Historically we see some of the fastest times in all distances at the Fall events and expect to see the same this year. If you don’t quite have your car or bike ready, come down and spectate the event, talk to crews, and enjoy the weekend, Weekend Spectator Tickets are $10 a day or $25 for the weekend.

ECTA Motorsports 2023 Horsepower Harvest



Tim Vath with Tim Vath Motorsports is making a return to the ECTA Motorsports 2023 Horsepower Harvest. Tim has been a long time racer with the ECTA (and volunteer) and we are glad to see him return. Tim is looking to set multiple new land speed records at 200+ mph. 

Tim Vath Motorsports
ECTA Motorsports 2023 Horsepower Harvest



Brian Huffman will be in attendance at the 2023 Horsepower Harvest. If everything is dialed in, he is looking for a 260+mph pass. If he is successful, that will be the fastest pass ever for a car at a ECTA Motorsports event in Blytheville Arkansas.

Jeff Gerner

(Pictured Left) Jeff Gerner is looking to get to 235mph this race which would beat his prior top speed by 7mph – 228mph. Our starter, Jason, loves the sound of this 5 cylinder high winding Audi.

(Pictured Right) Chris Hayden is attempting to send this Jalopy over 200mph.

Chris Hayden's Mclaren
Bryan Brooks




Bryan Brooks is  long time ECTA racer (Previously raced in a C5 with his son, Jared) and is now bringing his C8. He is looking to go 172mph which he believes would be the fastest C8 in the standing mile. 



Bert Vines is bringing his beautiful and fast Harley Davidson to the 2023 Horsepower Harvest land speed racing event. You may have seen this on show at PRI 2019 in Indianapolis, IN. He is looking to break into the 170s this event. Good luck Bert!

Bert Vines Harley Davidson