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DIY AutoTune Goes 7 For 7 At Ohio Mile September Meet – Seven Runs and Seven Records


DIYAutoTune's MegaSquirt 3-Pro 240SX Sets 7 Records in 7 Passes
#787 sings The Alphabet Song with records in classes AA, A, B, C, D, E, F… and F/BGALT
Atlanta, GA: Today, DIYAutoTune, an industry leader in feature-rich plug-n-play and professional engine management systems, announced that their #787 MegaSquirt 3-Pro powered Nissan 240SX returned from the East Coast Timing Association's Ohio Mile owning land speed records in 6-of-15 blown gas coupe classes and one in altered. The weekend's success marks 8 total records for the DIYAutoTune team with surprisingly more in their sights.
DIYAutotune CEO/ driver Jerry Hoffmann purpose-built the Toyota 3.0 Liter 2JZ-GTE motor specifically for the F-class, which has a maximum displacement of 3.014 L. However, no class rules prevent competing within larger motor classes, so the team decided to make a run for as many records as possible. The outcome was really astonishing: 7 new records in 7 passes, several in classes where purpose-built motors are more than twice the displacement! Here are the official race results:
Run      Class          Displacement (cid)         Displacement (L)         New Record/ Previous (mph)
1           E/BGC        184.00-260.99                 3.015-4.276                  204.64/ 166.63
2           D/BGC        261.00-305.99                4.277-5.014                  203.53/ 194.13
3           F/BGALT    123.00-183.99                 2.016-3.014                  205.38/ Open
4           C/BGC        306.00-372.99                5.015-6.111                  194.22/ Open
5           B/BGC        373.00-439.99                6.112-7.209                  203.71/ 136.69
6           A/BGC        440.00-500.99                7.210-8.209                  203.98/ 134.12
7           AA/BGC      501.00+                           8.210+                            203.98/ Open
The DIYAutoTune 240SX Land Speed Project began in 2010. Producing the first record was nearly 5 years in the making, representing the sheer grit and determination involved. Now the team is on a roll and the sky's the limit! Follow the journey from the beginning on our current Bonneville or Bust blog page:
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DIYAutoTune has built a strong following in the drag racing and road racing industries. Based in Suwanee, GA, DIYAutoTune is the leading manufacturer of MegaSquirt® Engine Management Systems. Made at our facility in the USA, we offer an affordable way to run your race car on a fully programmable fuel injection and ignition controller, with plenty of high end features such as individual cylinder trims, progressive nitrous control, boost control, 3 step rev limiters, VVT control for up to 4 cams, and spare outputs to control just about anything! Our MegaSquirt 3-Pro Stand Alone and MSPNP-Pro Plug-N-Play systems are the most robust and cost-effective in the market today.
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