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2011 Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge Results

The 2011 Throttle Nation motorcycle ( event took place at the September meet and posted below are the results. This year the class turnout was very different than years past. Normally we have several competitors in the unlimited turbo class but this year we did not have one single entrant that met the class rules therefore no prizes were given for this class.

In the other classes we had several Maxton regulars that defended their crown. These class winners are serious about their land speed racing and don’t intend on giving up their titles as America’s fastest street bikes, so for those of you that are thinking about taking a shot at these riders, you better be prepared for a fight.

One special note we also want to mention is that not only has Don Hass entered this event all six times which is pretty special. He has also won his class EVERY YEAR!!

Despite the humid conditions racing was as close as ever and we can’t wait until 2012 to hold the event at the new track. Throttle Nation wants to thank all of the competitors and sponsors such as Scorpion, Motul, and HMF and we look forward to hosting the event again next year in Ohio.

Class                               Number     Rider                              Bike                   Speed
650cc Naturally Aspirated         9528     Jeff McLean          Honda CBR600RR    177 .88662
1000cc Naturally Aspirated      9731      Greg Neal             Kawasaki ZX-10R      195.94583
1000cc Power Adder                  9280     Don Hass               Suzuki GSX-R1000  220.17722
Unlimited Naturally Aspirated  9355     Chad Millholland  Kawasaki ZX              201.79615
Unlimited Nitrous                        9529    Jamie McLean       Suzuki Hayabusa      211.60967