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ECTA Motorsports is the first sanctioning body for paved Land Speed Racing. We don’t care if its a car, motorcycle, tractor, or motorhome. If it has a wheel, let’s see how fast it is! 

Our spring and fall race events for 2023 will be May 5-6 and October 6-8. Click here for the rules and classes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.

ECTA Mile Racing
ECTA Mile Racing

Who is the ECTA?

Land Speed Racing with ECTA Motorsports is the premiere paved racing platform. Currently we race in Blytheville Arkansas. We are hoping to have more locations in the near future around the US.

ECTA Mile Racing

Who Can Land Speed Race?

Any one with a helmet, suit, boots, and gloves in a safe and sound vehicle or motorcycle. Come see how fast you are.

ECTA Mile Racing

Where do I Mile Race?

The ECTA promotes a family friendly environment. Check us out on our Facebook Page or contact us directly for additional information.

ECTA Mile Racing

ECTA Mile Racing is Safe

We promote safety. Every vehicle and racer will go through tech inspection as well as a course drive. Every racer and spectator has access to the pits. Walk around and meet other drivers, pick up some tips from the veterans and go FAST!

Competitive for ALL Racers

We have classes for any vehicle or motorcycle. We have seen anything from a Lamborghini, to a Motorhome and a Hayabusa to a steam powered motorcycle. If it has a wheel, come race it. Can you Prove You’re Fast?

ECTA Mile Racing

Check out the NEW Merch

We now have an online store! Check it out. We have T-shirts, hats, jackets, posters, and even 200mph club swag! We will be updating the merch frequently, so check back for the new releases!

What would you like to see on the merch? Let us know. Message us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also e-mail us your ideas.

Who is ECTA Motorsports?

ECTA Motorsports sponsors for 2022

ECTA Mile Racing